grey in the grass

my husband snapped this pic of our grey cat in our overgrown lawn right before the mower took down that jungle. i love the grey/green combo and instantly started searching the web for green to match my greys.

grey cat in grass

here are some pointers on keeping it classic and chic:

  • green is all over the place this season. neon is a trend, but I would keep this at the bare minimum, like maybe a keychain. think green found in nature. the last time i checked, mountain dew was not growing in a meadow. remember, today’s ‘all the rage’ is tomorrow’s all over the sales rack
  • don’t be too matchy. break it up with a third color like black, white or tobacco (redish brown). i personally do not like the shoes matching the handbag, but there are things that are worse… shoes matching the handbag, matching the belt, matching the hair ornament, matching the dog’s outfit…
  • grass green and/or what i like to call “fresh grass green” (kind of lime-ish) are my favs with all greys, e.g., sweatshirt grey, charcoal, graphite…even silver
  •  if you want to have a real eye-popping color (like that neon), choose a classic silhouette so you don’t look clownish. a neon-green wool cardi is a lot more forgivable than a neon-green midriff ruffle top.
  • make an accessory the pop of color. your purse/bag is usually the focal point, so don’t struggle trying to find that perfect green cashmere sweater. go get an amazing green bag and let that thing dangle from your wrist girl…is all you need

grey. grass. black.

grey. grass. black. by nolisgrv featuring circular sunglasses


i wear jeans almost every day. try this with dark or raw denim:

Grey and Fresh Grass Green: Kicking it Around Town

Grey and Fresh Grass Green: Kicking it Around Town by nolisgrv featuring green rings


…and don’t forget about those nails:


green and grey nails

green and grey nails by nolisgrv on


use this color combo for the house too:

green and grey kitchen stuff

green and grey kitchen stuff by nolisgrv on


  • FA

    Super nice combination of colors, the first outfit is perfect for the office!